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Resolve To Be Resilient This New Year

If you made a New Year’s Resolution… I have some bad news for you.

Research shows that only around 8% of us stick with our resolutions and that over half of us don’t make it past month 1. Interestingly, 45% of these goals are health related. We all start with a real desire to change… so why the huge bust?

By definition, resolutions are absolute. All or nothing. But we hate to fail. Our egos don’t allow us the flexibility to move on if we make a mistake. So we set resolutions without knowing how we’ll accomplish them and without a contingency plan for life’s inconsistencies.

Setting goals and intentions for a new year is awesome — when you’re mindful of absolutes and how they prevent you from succeeding. Because…

If you resolved to run every day and miss one day – you give up.
If you resolve to give up sugar but have a cookie – you give up.
If you resolve to meditate to lower your blood pressure but miss one session – you give

But it doesn’t have to be like this.

The secret to being in that 8% success group is to shake the absolutes and rigidity – and to plan for your success.

Use this easy 3-step guide to set realistic goals so that you can finally reach them and become the person you know you’re meant to be.

1. Be Clear On Your Why

Setting a goal without a why is like getting married without a spouse. It doesn’t work. Your goal is only half of the equation. Knowing the deeper reason for wanting something gives you a magic power to make it happen.

If you’re not sure about your why – journaling really helps. Let your emotions surface.

If you don’t feel emotionally connected to your why, the goal might not be important enough to motivate you to change. Look for a goal that fires you up.

When you have your why find an image or symbol to represent it. Put it somewhere that you’ll see daily as a reminder.

2. Visualize Your Outcome DAILY

Visualization techniques have been used by Navy Seals and Olympic Athletes to build mental toughness for years.

Take a few minutes every day to imagine how you’ll feel when you achieve your goal. For example, if you want to lose 20 pounds for a beach vacation, imagine walking along the beach looking exactly how you want to look. Feel it in your body and allow yourself to smile at how sexy you feel! (Just don’t do this at your desk or in the break room!)

3. CAR (Compassionate Awareness Redirect)

C – When you do something that is not in line with your goal (which you will), you must have compassion for yourself. Imagine if you told your best friend what you did, how would they respond to you? Would they beat you up or would they tell you that it was ok, you’re human, just keep trying? (If you answered the former, you may want to resolve to get new friends this year.)

A – Use your awareness to identify the problem. What were the circumstances that caused you to step off your path? Did you have control of them?

R – Gently redirect and course correct. You simply need to step back on the path without judging or being harsh on yourself. Learn your lesson if there was one to learn and keep on truckin’.

Each new year, we have a chance to start fresh. Trust yourself and the process. And when you fall off your path, just get back in your C.A.R.! After all, life is a journey.

Wishing you great health and success in 2018!

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