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    Chris Plank has been successfully selling real estate in the South Bay since 1989. As a lifelong resident of Manhattan Beach, his experience is enhanced by local knowledge gained first hand. With over 30 years experience as a real estate agent and broker, Chris is able to leverage his expertise and South Bay market knowledge to help families consistently exceed their home investment goals. Honesty and integrity, along with determination and dedication, are philosophies that Chris Plank strives for in all aspects of his life. Applying these principles to his business has allowed him to consistently be a top producing real estate agent. Now, at Strand Hill Christie’s International Real Estate, I offer my clients not only a lifetime of South Bay knowledge, but also a global network supported by an excellent team of professionals who make entering and completing transactions effortlessly.


    I cannot say enough great things about Chris Plank. I got the best deal on a fantastic property in Manhattan Beach because of Chris. When I first started thinking about buying a condominium or a town home in the South Bay, I had a friend who was a part-time real estate agent showing me some properties. He was not that responsive or sensitive to my needs, and not very clear on what I was looking for. My landlord at the time told me that he always used Chris as his real estate agent and suggested I give Chris a call. Fortunately I listened to my landlord, and learned what a really great real estate agent was when I met Chris. Chris was so down to earth, and made sure I was comfortable and felt no pressure to purchase a property. He would send me emails with prospective properties that met my criteria, and I would notify him of any properties that I was interested in and we would schedule a time to view the properties together. During the course of our weekly excursions, Chris learned what I liked about various properties, and what I didn´t like, and became keenly aware of the qualities in a property that I looked for. I had never purchased a property before, and I was so reassured that Chris was looking out for me when he would point out drawbacks, or potential problems, with any property we looked at. His sincere desire to find me the perfect property and no pressure style really makes him stand out above other realtors. One day he told me about a property that was just placed on the market that he thought I might be interested in. It was so new to the market, it had not been advertised on the MLS yet. We went to see it and I immediately knew it was a property I had to make an offer on. It was perfect! There was another purchaser very interested in the property, and we both made offers. I also knew that there would be a number of additional offers if the property stayed on the market; however, I was determined not to get into a bidding war and pay too much for the property! Chris understood my concerns, made an attractive offer to the seller and took an aggressive negotiating position. To my delight, my offer was accepted and I got the property. During my search for the perfect property, it was evident that Chris made it a point to know all the properties on the market in the South Bay, and I truly believe I would never seen this property had I been with a realtor who was any less committed than Chris. After finding the property, Chris´ expertise and attention to detail made the transaction painless for me and escrow closed without a hitch. I would use Chris Plank as my agent in a heartbeat. He truly is a cut above the typical realtor and I give his name out to friends, clients, and colleagues on a regular basis.

    Sheri H

    I first met Chris Plank at an open house I attended with my wife. I was impressed with his affable and professional demeanor. When it came time to begin seriously looking for a new home we called Chris. We knew we wanted to stay in the South Bay, but were undecided as to exactly which city. Chris showed us homes from Manhattan Beach all the way down to the Hollywood Riviera. He was always prompt and professional. He was able to accommodate our ever changing schedule and get us in to see as many homes as we desired. Chris handled our purchase of our home in Torrance. The negotiations and subsequent transaction went smoothly. Chris’ advice and experience were invaluable. In addition, Chris represented us in the sale of our home in Hermosa Beach. Again, Chris conducted the negotiations and subsequent sale in a professional manner. We were quite pleased with Chris’ efforts on our behalf. Whenever I’m asked about real estate agents I always recommend Chris Plank.

    James M

    Chris is the best! He kept us calm during the nerve-racking process of finding and buying our first house. All through escrow he explained each step. He personally went out of his way on more than one occasion to make sure our escrow closed. Even after moving in to our new house, he called to follow-up and remind us about a few things we needed to do. As I said, he is the best!

    Joan W

    Chris was our real estate agent in our first home purchase in August 2004. Chris was amazing; working with both our budget and a tight market he found us the greatest first home. After looking at several homes, bidding on a few and being out bid, we started to get frustrated. Chris encouraged us to wait patiently and that he would find us what we wanted. Sure enough, we waited patiently and we got the home we wanted. Chris’ organizational skills and follow through made working with the listing agent very easy. She commented to us that we were very lucky to have someone like Chris representing us, and that it was a real pleasure to work with a professional. To this day, we still maintain contact with Chris, as he has been an amazing resource to us. We cannot say enough about him and his work ethic. We were extremely pleased with our house and would highly recommend Chris to anyone looking to buy in South Bay and surrounding areas.

    Julie M

    Chris Plank came highly referred to us by several friends who had used him on multiple transactions. One friend in particular is in high end commercial real estate. He kept saying how he wished all of his commercial deals could go as smooth as his deals with Chris went. We had lived in our starter home in Hollyglen for nearly 2 years and were looking to upgrade. Wanting to do our comparison shopping, we set up a few meetings with other agents. They came in with graphs and pie charts and concepts. Chris Plank came in with a well thought out marketing plan. He got the listing. We started looking for our new home in Manhattan Beach and quickly became overwhelmed at the cost and lack of inventory. Chris was calm and patient. He was sitting back and listening to us, taking mental notes of what my wife and I liked and disliked about each of the properties he took us to see. I was thoroughly impressed with Chris Planks knowledge of the SouthBay. He would gently guide us away from the overpriced homes (but had us look at them in case they dropped the price) or ones that had obvious problems, but we didn’t see because we were getting anxious. I could tell that Chris was not in this for the quick commission, he was actually guiding us toward our dream home. We had been through an open house of a home that was a fixer, but had good bones. Chris knew of the home and we both agreed that it was priced a little high. He said he would keep an eye on it. Three weeks later we get a call that the property been reduced, Chris set up a spur of the moment showing and that night he had our offer in the hands of the listing agent, before the reduction had chance to filter to the rest of the agents in town. The price we offered was even lower than the asking price, but Chris knew we had a good chance to lock this one up. The negotiation lasted one nail biting day, but Chris played our hand masterfully. The owners accepted our offer and Chris Plank was the calming voice through it all. Going into Escrow with no contingencies, made selling our Hollyglen home now a number one priority. We decided on a listing price, based on the neighborhood comps Chris had pulled and also a price that we all felt would move our home quickly, but give us enough cushion to do the upgrades to our newly purchased home. Chris, again allayed our anxiety. He guided us step by step through his marketing plan, complete with picking the best weekend to have the Open House. We listed on a Tuesday, the ad was to hit the Beach Reporter Thursday. By Wednesday Chris had already created a buzz, and he was scheduling showings. By the end of Friday, Chris was fielding multiple offers, and by Saturday morning we had sold our home for, at that time, the highest price ever for a single story home in Hollyglen! Six months after moving into our new home and doing a remodel, we are living in our dream home, thanks to Chris Plank. Better yet, our house has recently appraised for over 30% more than we paid. We still have neighbors and Real Estate agents coming up to us and are amazed at how we “pulled this deal off”. I smile and hand them Chris Plank’s card.

    Michael S

    I have too many good things to say about my experience with Chris as my real estate broker. Chris listens to what his clients are looking for in a property, therefore, he is able to efficiently show listings that fit his clients desires. I did not have time to waste with a realtor who pushed properties that did not fit my requirements. Chris provides insight into each property through diligent research and his experience. He will explain to you the pitfalls of any design or amenity connected to the property. Most importantly, Chris truly wants his clients to make well informed decisions, and with incredible patience, he will go through every line of your escrow papers. When you work with Chris, you have the confidence that he is on your side and looking out for your best interests.

    Lucia R

    Chris is a great broker. We have bought two homes with him and sold one. He always listened to what we wanted, what we were looking for, and has a great eye for what a property “could be”. He is patient, and even carried our children for us while we painstakingly went over and over and over a property. He will always tell you if he thinks it’s not a good property, which we are very thankful for, because when you are in the middle of looking for a home you sometimes lose sight of what you really want. We admire that because it shows he cares about his clients and isn’t just about selling you a house to sell you a house. He seems to really care that it is a perfect fit for you. He has it all down to a science as far as how he goes about getting you started on your journey of searching for a home, as well as when you are selling one. He put our house on the market and it sold in less than a week. He has a good feel for what the price should be, not too high or too low. He shows you how to present your home in order to help it sell for the most money. When your home is ready, he’s there to hold the brokers and public open houses. He is very well respected by other real estate agents in the South Bay – you mention his name and they always say “he’s a good guy”. He has always gone above and beyond what he promised and we now consider him a good friend as well as our broker. We would never use anyone else.

    Steve T

    I purchased and sold a condo with Chris, and in both transactions I was completely satisfied. Chris was highly professional, but also managed to be my friend through the process. In both transactions, I never felt pressured by Chris, which I really appreciated. He has a great way of diffusing stress. I highly recommend, and I do refer, Chris Plank as a real estate agent.

    Heidi B

    Chris worked hard to help us sell our home during a time when it was very competitive to sell in our area. He also helped us buy a home at a fair price in an area that was more desirable where limited homes where available. We found Chris to be very professional and knowledgeable throughout the whole process and he was very pleasant to work with. He was constantly up to date with the current market values of homes in both areas and he always kept our best interests in mind. We highly recommend Chris to anyone wishing to buy or sell a home.

    Robert P

    Our experience with Chris was fantastic. His expertise and professionalism were instrumental in our finding the right property and purchasing it stress free. Chris took care of all the details, while keeping us apprised every step of the way; making sure we saw quality properties, negotiating with other realtors, attending our inspection, and overseeing the specifics of our escrow, mortgage and insurance needs. Even after our purchase was completed, Chris followed through with us to ensure our complete satisfaction. He is obviously committed to making sure his clients get exactly what they are looking for at the best price possible.

    Joe L

    Chris has been my agent since early 2001, during which he spent countless hot summer hours helping me find a home that would fit my price range and various difficult criteria. It was evident to me right away that Chris is extremely knowledgeable about the real estate market in the South Bay area, and he was very helpful in negotiating the final sales price of my new home. More importantly, Chris never ran out of patience with me and walked me through the whole home purchasing experience, including providing excellent referrals to quality mortgage brokers, subcontractors for remodeling, etc. Finally, Chris has such a pleasant personality that working with him was a pleasure more than a chore. I very much enjoyed having Chris as my agent throughout the whole house hunting experience, and enjoy keeping in touch with Chris today as a personal friend. I highly recommend Chris to anyone who is looking for an experienced and reliable agent to help buy or sell a home.

    David Y

    Chris Plank has been our broker on our last two houses in Manhattan Beach working both to sell our house and find us a new home. In my opinion, Chris is without peer as a real estate broker in the South Bay. Chris is a tireless worker, completely trustworthy, has an engaging personality with a mantra to always put his client’s need first and foremost. In our case, Chris’ energy and efforts resulted in us securing the home we desired in the area we most coveted. Also, once the transaction process began, Chris made things as easy and simple as possible on us; therefore causing minimal stress and burden during the escrow and closing period. We have referred Chris to both family and friends and each one has experienced the same outstanding results as we have.

    Taylor B

    Chris Plank is a great partner to have when looking to buy or sell a home in the South Bay. I truly felt like he was always looking out for my best interests rather than just trying to sell a property. Chris is strategic and will do the extra work to find the right property because he thinks long-term. It took me a year to find the right property, but Chris made it happen and now I live on the street that I always dreamed to live on. Chris knows the South Bay real estate market, is timely with follow-up, and is a pleasure to work with – I would recommend him to any of my friends.

    Chrissy C

    As an instructional designer who writes training programs on customer service, I am acutely aware of the decline in value offered by individuals in every profession. In Real Estate, one is frequently confronted with behaviors that display a lack of integrity, let alone the proper focus on providing what the customer wants. In a field that seems to encourage mediocrity, Chris Plank is a delightful change of pace. Beginning with our initial meeting regarding the sale of our home, he spent a great deal of time asking probing questions to be certain he truly understood what we were after. His advice regarding potential improvements was direct and highly useful. Throughout the process up until the very successful sale at a price higher than what we asked, he was constantly available, performing a variety of services that went beyond my expectations. He personally supervised every detail, even accompanying the professional videographers and photographers to make sure they caught just the right angles. Ours was not even close to the highest priced property in his portfolio at the time, yet he gave us Cadillac service and made us feel as though we were the only customer he had. I would never conduct a real estate transaction again without working with Chris, and would recommend him highly to anyone seeking help in any facet of real estate. It has been a distinct pleasure and a learning experience to observe the way he operates.

    Diana J

    I can not say enough about Chris Plank’s attention to detail and customer service. He makes, what is normally a very stressful process, very easy. Chris knows the South Bay real estate market and has a long list of service providers to help your house purchase, sale or improvement project progress smoothly and efficiently. I would not buy or sell a house in South Bay without him.

    Brooke L

    Lets face it. Purchasing a home can sometimes be a frightening experience. Chris Plank eliminates any reservations one may have or encounter throughout their buying experience. He’s been a tremendous source of information for my wife and I, and continually offers his expertise even following our closing. I can’t say enough about him as an agent, but more importantly, as a person. Trustworthy, sincere, and honesty are just a few that come to mind. I’m glad he’s in our corner and involved in our home buying experience.

    Gary F

    Thank you so much for helping us find a house we can truly call home! Your patience, knowledge of the area, and professionalism have proven to be invaluable during our home search. Your diligence during the negotiations was first rate. You’ve made what could have been a fairly painful experience a lot more tolerable. We wanted to be sure you knew your efforts did not go unnoticed. Thanks!

    Evaldo G

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